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African American males between 35 and 54 have the highest stroke risk, four times greater than white males in that age group.

African American women are nearly twice as likely to suffer a stroke than other racial or ethnic groups.

African Americans face a higher death rate from stroke; on average, the death rate is 80 percent, compared with 52 percent of all stroke sufferers.

Latinos have strokes at younger ages than other ethnic groups; hemorrhagic strokes are more common among Latinos than any other racial or ethnic group.

Some factors that increase the risk of stroke among blacks and Latinos are higher incidences of high blood pressure, diabetes and, in blacks, sickle cell anemia


Mission statement:

BaseLine Echo is dedicated to informing the public of an undetected health problem and promote education for chronic diseases. A strong commitment to customer satisfaction with an emphasis on "quality of care" allows us to provide excellent service of early detection screening and we always encourage our customers to seek follow up care with their primary physicians.

Our goal is to make a significant impact on the lives of people in our communities and the surrounding areas, through health education, and eventually through disease prevention. Our slogan of "Prevention through Early Detection" was chosen because of that goal and we are proud of the many lives that we have touched to date.

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